Stanford High Assurance Computer Architectures Lab
Principal Investigator
Image of Caroline Trippel Caroline Trippel
Assistant Professor
Official Advisees
Image of Yao Hsiao Yao Hsiao
PhD Student
Image of Nicholas Mosier Nicholas Mosier
PhD Student
Image of Daniel Mendoza Daniel Mendoza
PhD Student
Image of Ioanna Vavelidou Ioanna Vavelidou
PhD Student
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PhD Student
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PhD Student
Image of Rachel Cleaveland Rachel Cleaveland
PhD Student
Image of Samantha Archer Samantha Archer
PhD Student

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Featured Publications

In the Media
February, 2018. CheckMate's synthesis of new variants of Meltdown and Spectre:
April, 2017. TriCheck and deficiences in the RISC-V ISA MCM Specification:
March, 2016. STARNet Center for Future Architectures Research (CFAR):

Joining the Lab
We are looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate researchers. If you are interested in joining the lab, please send an email to trippel @ stanford . edu with your resume and CV.